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Nero 11.0.15800 + Creative Collections Pack 11 Repack (2011)

11-12-2011, 20:59 Userok 0

Nero 11.0.15800 + Creative Collections Pack 11 Repack (2011)

Легкая версия Nero 11.0.15800 Platinum HD, последней версии универсальной утилиты для записи на CD / DVD и редактирования мультимедиа контента. Это один из лучших пакетов программ для записи на CD-R, CD-RW и DVD диски. Позволяет использовать большинство моделей драйвов, при этом записывает как аудио-CD, так и "компьютерные" диски, включая загрузочные, а также видео (в форматах Video CD и Super Video CD) и DVD.
Burning ROM
Cover Designer
Kwik Media
Sound Trax
Wave Editor
Additionally installed in the absence of a system
Microsoft Visual C Redistributable 2005-2010
Microsoft. NET Framework 4
Composition Creative Collections Pack 11
Nero 11 Cliparts
Nero 11 1 Disk Menus
Nero 11 2 Disk Menus
Nero 11 3 Disk Menus
Nero 11 Kwik Themes 1
Nero 11 Kwik Themes 2
Nero 11 3 Kwik Themes
Nero 11 Kwik Themes 4
Nero 11 Pip Effects 1
Nero Video Transitions 11 1
Playback of Blu-ray
Turn your house into a real movie theater.
Play your favorite movies and home Videos recorded on the disc Blu-ray, high definition sound and film-quality DTS and Dolby Digital Surround right on your computer.
Synchronizing via Wi-Fi and USB
Comprehensive synchronization for smartphones and tablet PC running Android .
Nero Kwik Mobile Sync lets you share music, photos and Videos between your PC and Android devices over wireless networks. Optimize your content "on the fly", because just one movement you can play almost anything, from songs from the playlist to iTunes downloaded movies. With the rapid automatic detection devices, you can choose any unit of a large list of compatible devices and save it to your music, photos and Video.
The integrated Nero MediaBrowser
Quick and easy access from the Media Library to the project.
Thanks to a completely new component of Nero MediaBrowser can immediately start working on any project. In most projects, you can one-click access to a library of music, photos and Video. Your job will be easy and convenient, for now, just drag your photo files, Video and music from the library of Nero Kwik Media in your project
Convert and compress DVD-Video or Video
Whether it's Video, shot on your mobile phone, or DVD-movie, each device needs its format playback. Nero 11 provides enhanced Video transcoding, which allow to convert almost any DVD-movie or Video in any Video format for playback on any device, so you can easily view their favorite Videos anywhere.
Nero LIVEBackup
Continuous reliable backup.
Simple backups in one-touch by using Nero LIVEBackup to protect all your files and even entire operating system. You can also choose to backup manually, but only Nero LIVEBackup ensure continuous reliable backup.
Simple and Advanced mode Video editing
Get amazing results regardless of your experience Video editing. You can easily switch from Express Storyboard editing mode in the advanced editing one touch and continue to work on a project in the same window. Go with a simple and easy to use templates to the effects of multi-track editing, management of key frames on a single screen Video editing, wonderful patterns blend effects "Picture in Picture" and much more. Do your homework projects in sparkling delight friends and family like never before.
Burn the disc longevity
The experts, who first implemented the technology to burn, constantly improve their decisions. Once the application Nero SecurDisc 3.0 by scanning the surface of the disk ensures readability, regardless of scratches, age and wear, so that your content will be stored for a long time to drive safe and sound.
Features Repack
Made entirely new ustnovschik
Removed start page
Removed online services
The choice of language regardless of the language system (RUS / ENG)
Enclosing a tablet (patch iOTA on 01/11/2011)
Silent Installation:
/ S / LRUS
/ S / LENG
If you add this key, the installation will be skipped BackItUp
/ NB
System requirements:
Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1 and above, Windows 7
2 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM for Windows Vista or Windows 7)
5 GB of free hard disk space
DirectX 9,0-compliant graphics card and at least 128 MB of graphics memory
DVD-ROM drive for installation and play;
DirectX 9,0 c (February 2010)
Windows Media Player 9
Год: 2011
Язык: английский
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 932.79 Mb
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